Japan / Kyushu / Shikoku / Honshu / Hokkaido / Trekking

‘Walkabout Japan’ – Third World Country and High-tech Nation

2,000 mi on foot, tent and backpack across the mystic Japan

Most people asked about Japan have the following keywords in mind: Sony, Toyota, Samurai, swords, Sushi, chopsticks.
It's quite clear that this is a nation impossible to understand and a country too far away.

    But who really knows
  • that this is a country of volcanic origin with 120 millions inhabitants and with a north-south expansion of 3,200 km,
  • that last year 90 people were torn to pieces by bears in villages,
  • that in worst case there can be 450 earthquakes every day,
  • that most people living within a radius of 30 km outside of cities are not able to read a menu with their own alphabet of 20,000 letters,
  • that in the mountain villages you will find up to 20 feet snow in winter and that people still cook on an open fire not knowing what heating and water taps are,
  • how the Japanese adore the cherry blossom although they can profit from such an incredibly splendid nature.

Walking across the ‘Land of the Rising sun’, Detlev Henschel shows us how to survive there.


German e-Book:


Japans Hinterland
3.000 km zu Fuß durch ein unbekanntes, mystisches Land

Japanese e-Book:


南の果てから北の果てまで三千キロ、徒歩の旅 [Kindle版]


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Jeetze-Kurier Salzwedel (24. Okt. 2005)
"Japan ist ein Entwicklungsland" Detlev Henschel berichtet von einem 3.000 Kilometer weitem Fußmarsch

Jeetze-Kurier Salzwedel (13. Okt. 2005)
Zu Fuß durch Japan - Detlev Henschel erzählt

Weser Kurier (Bremen) (14. Aug. 2005)
Zu Fuß durch das "lauteste Land der Welt" Der Bremer Biologe und Autor Detlev Henschel ist 3000 Kilometer durch Japan gewandert

Weser Kurier (Bremen) (2005)
Heiße Quellen, Grizzlys und viel Freundlichkeit. Nach 3200 Kilometern zu Fuß durch Japan wird Detlev Henschel Ende Juni nach Bremen zurückkehren

Weser Kurier (Bremen) (07. April 2005)
In schnelllebiger Zeit ganz langsam reisen. Detlev Henschel wandert 3200 Kilometer zu Fuß durch Japan