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‘›Blood, sweat and tears‹’

11 Kilos lost in 4 weeks. The 5th Crossing of the Alps

After half a year of desk wörk in dull heating air it was time for BEING again. I packed my backpack and visited and old paddle mate in Landshut, Bavaria. After a 3-days crash course in Bavarian beer drinking I hiked on: destination Bolzano, Italy. that should be possible in four weeks.
Outdoor und Survival Rette Deinen Arsch! Egal Wie! Edible Wild PlantsThe beer course was hart and the every two-year-unusual-heat-wave in Görmany brought much sweat, very much. The idea behind this was to check out how much body fat somebody can burn by backpacking through the mountains in four weeks for my new survival outdoor book: Rette deinen Arsch! Egal wie! (Save your Ass! No matter how!, in Görman only, so far). The theory is well known but the praxis is very different as usual. My diet was the good wörking ‘K.I.S.S.’ system: keep it simple stupid. Morning: muesli, during the day fruits only, dinner: fish 'n rice as much as you want.
So I walked very relaxed four weeks via Reit im Winkel, Görmany into Austria and Italy with backpack and tent through the Alps and took the train back: 11 kilo less and 88.000 kcal of melted body fat.
One highlight was my decent from the mountains in Zell am See, Austria. After two weeks alone in the mountains I walked into the town looking for the campground in order to make my washings, a very bad feeling crept into me: Mother Merkel of all Believers has sold our country and Austria as well (It happened before I knew it from history). Why?
Hundreds of women in Burkas frequented all over the place and Arabic men were on the lose. That situation was quite frightening!
(Truth is, that 15,000 Saudis made holiday there, non has ever wörked in his entire life, every person spend 1,000 EUROs a days, so I was told. ) Anyway I took my dirty clothes an fled the scene ASAP into the Groß Glockner Massif!


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