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How to become a millionaire without losing my arm?

Outdoor und Survival Rette Deinen Arsch! Egal Wie!I originally wanted to conduct research on desert hikes for my planned outdoor children's book (see below). The information policy of the ingenious American National Parks and countless conversations with rangers animated me to perform a complete makeover of the book.
Now all people can survive, not only kids, and yes, adults, too - in other words, ‘Save your ass no matter how!’ so Rette deinen Arsch! Egal, wie! (in Görman only, so far) at Amazon et al., published January 2016.

Since I was heavily sweating in the area (Utah), I thought it would make sense to me to have a look at the slot canyon where a stupid guy cut off his arm by himself (127 hrs mach mal einen link auf Amazon) - or perhaps better:

How could I become a millionaire, without cutting off any extremities an blunt knife? The arm in Blue John Canyon, however, was already gone! Just as info for all necromaniacs!
Plenty of BBQed steaks on the grill, Jack and rattlesnakes did round up the trip.

A pity was that tickets for the ‘Cirque du Soleil’ and the ‘Rammstein’ concert in Las Vegas were sold out, because of my short-term planning. Damn it all!