Switzerland / Aletsch Glacier / Matterhorn / Trekking


4th Crossing of the Alps with backpack and tent through Switzerland (Konstanz to the Matterhorn)

After our two years stay in Australia and North America in sparsely populated areas and being back in Görmany and terrorized in the overpopulated German Ruhr area by millions of people: crowds of Krauts. I had to find myself again and therefore more Alpenglow and no laser show was the goal.

So I decided to take advantage to recover on a hike from Konstanz to the Matterhorn through Switzerland near the Italian border. The Alps are the last natural retreat of Central Europe. After a sponsor meeting at the Friedrichshafen Outdoor Trade Fair I took off.

 Actually I wanted to go to Genoa, Italy (Mediterranean) but my newly bought tent, an Exped Velo 1 had always ‘freshly running water’ even after one kilo of seam sealer, and since an end of the rain was not foreseeable, I canceled the remaining leg.
To use the most committed paths during the summer is nearly impossible since incredible hordes invade the Alps for having the same idea but with an different attitude …

Despite of some imperative necessities I had go to the world known Aletsch Glacier in where hundreds of hikers used the cable car to the summit in order to get boozed on top ASAP. Others were almost pushed from the summit platform by the crowd, but anyway I was actually alone most of the time it was very relaxing. Especially to sleep out on the glacier, where I did her the growl of its movements at night. The Alps are still worth to go if you stay away from the tourist trekking highways.