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‘Footprints that's all we leave behind’

5,000 mi across the American continent on foot

(California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Omaha, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Ohio, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont Maine, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland)

After one year in the Australian Outback in our beloved bush camper we decided to walk much more when we travel the US. Unfortunately it turned out, that our equipment is much too massive and heavy to carry in backpacks. We tried to check on donkeys but we didn't want to have that much attention in the US hiking into a village together with donkeys and looking for some barn but we didn't have the time to organize the backup for the donkey's food and water supplies along the road, so we skipped this to one of the next project already in the pipe …

The Walk from sea to sea across the American continent on (if possible) ancient trails/tracks will last due to weather conditions between 200 and 270 days and will cover about 4,850 road (!) mi.
Anyway due to the donkey problem we decided that one has to walk and one has to make the backup with some kind of American adapted bush camper which might be a 21ft RV (Camper) V8 or V10 or so. We diced and Katrin won so she's the one who can drive the vehicle and I have to eat the miles by walking - means I will sweat on the trail and Katrin in the caravan while making the PR and internet etc., working on the Australian book and putting the US things together this time (!). After my daily hiking of about an marathon a day we will meet along the road, on caravan parks, National Parks or where ever at rendezvous places we fixed in the mornings due to the ancient trails and environmental daily conditions.

The Beach on the Pacific where the famous and historical Route 66 ends is our start! The Route 66 will be in parts on our trail and we will report about that later too. At the very beginning we will cross a ›lousy village‹ named El Pueblo de Los Angeles in the late 17 hundreds: the start of the Old Spanish Trail which we will follow to Santa Fe, New Mexico ... but that is far away in the future and due o the snow melting in the Rockies. From Santa Fe we will turn north on the Santa Fe Trail to Kansas City (we will hit the Pony Express, too) and probably see the Route 66 all the way to Chicago …


German e-Book:

Im Herzen Australiens Abenteuer Outback Im Herzen Australiens Abenteuer Outback

This project (e-Book) is part of our Hinterland Trilogy. Australia - North America – Japan. Already published the först part Australia. Part I. West Australia in January 2016 (Im Herzen Australiens. Abenteuer Outback: im Offroader, im Kajak und zu Fuß, in Görman only, so far.)
In the Heart of Australia.
Adventure Outback: offroad, in a kayak and by foot. Part II will cover the rest of this beautiful continent.

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