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The daily fight against rip-off

At last we visit the highly praised land of Asia and were ready for a new adventure by train via Singapore, Malaysia to Koh Samui, Thailand. Anticipated, it was wörth it und is recommendable (the train journey, I mean!). One just needs time! After an unusual long stay for a week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we took the night train to Hat Yai, Thailand, which was not really advisable because of frequent bombings by people who doesn't like what other people believe, which seemed to be hip nowadays …
In Hat Yat we changed train (3. class) to Surat Thani, then by Taxi the 80 clicks to the ferry terminal to Koh Samui into a land where everything is different again. High-voltage lines shimmied weird and low, very low, in dense and tons heavy above the streets. A land, where the food in restaurants is 10-fold for tourists, but in small local huts on the streets real Thai-food costs one Dollar and tastes much better than the so called tourist adapted Thai-junk.

But to be frankly a praised paradise looks different. Having the great shiny catalog pix and the backpacker hints in front of the eyes. The crystal clear water in a refreshing sea on pix looks like a sewage dump in real when the wind blows against the beach – inclusive the foam of long digested and processed food in nice yellow brownish slurry carpets. The heath (38° C/100 % humidity) and effluents did not become one of our favorite 10 for a swim. Even more after being on an island representing a dump on its own and the sea as a cloaca for two months: Bali, Indonesia.
This Thai-experience kept on the following two months, no matter who and what. The hotel personal, the bank, taxis, bus driver or just to by two beers in a shop. Everybody represented that you're not welcome, just the opposite of Bali, where you still find the Asian pleasantness. Record holder was a moneychanger in a bank. He didn't say one wörd: no hello, no counting down the change, no thank you, no bye bye. Katrin was perplex.

A normal fare with a tuck tuck was about 20-30 Baht/pers. (1 $) but a tourist is charged 300-600. Only after I asked the police to come, the drive took off accepting the normal price.
Not one single day, where one person didn't try to rip you off, scams or betrays you. This together with the heat, the smell and the countless aggressive stray dogs made it unable to relax. On the other hand it was a very good survival training, especially with the traffic, which a French lady failed: dead. Aggressive was the driving, the dogs, the people the whole atmosphere.

When we wanted to join the Thai New Years festival near our hotel, a bomb exploded at the festival so the wörd spread: stay at home.

Quiet frustrated we took the boat and bus to Bangkok, which was nice to view the land via 1,000 clicks distance. Actually that was enough. Up north where Thailand was supposed to be nicer, but they had trouble with Cambodia and Miramar like in HAt Yat which those people who doesn't like other people because of their believe. On top up north was malaria season. So we skipped that one. Our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam was killed, when we waited for the visa extension by an Austrian guy who just came from there. Cambodia erased the traffic rules last week, and Vietnam was wörse then here, where he lived for many years. Next month he returns back home.
Anyway the dream of all old farts – Bangkok –, the young görls and lady boys, were just disgusting and when we were ready to take of to the land of milk and honey: Mama Merkel's Land with the holy Görman Lufthansa, a bomb exploded again just around the corner near our hotel in Bangkok.
The impacts come closer, but honestly: We did not have any business in that! Not alone that a qualified Görman pilot of German Wings (Lufthansa) rammed his plane into the French Mediterranean Alps just to live out his frustration. We already booked on Lufthansa and hopefully this pilot has more fun in life. I know being a Görman can be hard …

Conclusion for us: There are much mo betta places in the wörld. The backpackers and horny old farts should stay in Thailand, not us. Never again! I knew why I never wanted to go there.


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