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Recreation, strict vegetarian diet und family connection

After a year in the Australian deserts, we had a little more need for a humid break with a strictly vegetarian diet to be properly prepared for the planned 8,000-clicks-march across the U.S. of A and Canada. So we made R & R at a beach resort where we were treated as family members at Blouwbergstrand near Cape Town, South Africa.

Meat was our vegetables because in SA there was enough salad: egg salad, sausage salad, meat salad, fried meat salad with lots of tasty home made mayonnaise etc. and they had the finest grape juices, which unfortunately made quite dizzy - but that was probably due to too much sun.
We didn’t want to become cocky, so we made some hikes in the rural areas such as the Lion Head and Table Mountain Crossing –11 hours steep tracks not a piece of cake – despite of the daily AK 47 attacks and some dead tourists on Table Mountain by bored ANC guerrillas. But hej, because it rained, we had no problems since the Killer Union in SA insisted on fair-weather attacks (no kidding!) – and also the Chinese AK 47’s rust in wet weather …


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