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5 canings and 2 years jail

Still in Australia we heard the protests and whining from Görmany, that two Görmans earned 5 caning and two years in jail because of spraying graffiti in Singapore. 50 would be okay for me, because, even Görmans have to respect other countries culture. In other countries it is not like in Görmany that we have to respect asylum seekers, migrants and guests in our country and that we have to change our culture for them so they are comfy.
Anyway the night flight from Bali to Singapore with JetAir reminded my about the Rammstein song Dalai Lama "… Onwards, onwards into destruction …" it was hurricane season here and we were surrounded by thunder storms. Katrin was relaxed and said: »Yes, they can!«

We lived in China Town (where else!) and had the proof, that restaurants, which offered pig meat only, can exist in a Muslim country without terrorist attacks and bombings. We asked how does that wörk! Zero tolerance and a lot of acceptance! No violence and discrimination, no cigarette buds on the road and no chewing gum. Singapore is clean and a tip is black mailing and forbidden, too.
Due to our philosophy we walked across Singapore twice, inclusive Little India. And it would be called Little India if it isn't looking like India. Temples, Churches and Mosques next to each other. Street venders offer praying necklaces' made out of beautiful flowers or jasmine for the Mosques. Why isn't wörking that in Europe. Too much whining, zero acceptances by the muslims against the infidels: US. Too much tolerance against the muslims from US was said in discussions … wörth to think about.

Shopping in Singapore!? Okay, we walked to the stranded ship mal on the triple towers and to be honest: the 5th Avenue in NY is something for the poor. The viewing platform from the ship did costs 27 $ each and to tell the truth: 38° C, 100 % humidity, smog and no view but 54 $ poorer.
But the close skyline was breath taking, the people in the streets were like everywhere: hectically, stressed, rich and arrogant. The always-lived Asian friendliness was on sparse: just true blue city slickers. Many extreme wealthy Chinese. Singapore is supposed the most expensive city in the wörld (2014) but Görmany is much more expensive!
Singapore is wörth a visit. Stay in China town, eat in China town. No criminal activity at all. None! but if you want to go shopping. Bring a bunch of green backs!


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