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Sopping in NY? Forget it!

Three days Singapore is wörth a journey, but that is enough. Or better your money is gone. We did not want to stay longer, and not in Malaysia as well but other travellers told us that it is great on the beaches. After two months on Bali with 40° C and 100 % humidity we were not really encouraged to do so, … but what the heck!

Another bugging problem were the news about the Airlines in Asia, which seemed to let any pilot fly or did not really were in the mood to service the planes – who wonders in that heat. Too many touchdowns at the moment … We decided to take the train to Thailand (3. class) via Malaysia. This was not a monetary decision. Even 1. class was only 30 $/1,000 km – a bargain. We wanted to see the land and the people.
When we took off from Singapore we were locked in together with 300 people on the border to Malaysia (pass control) for hours where we were frying in the heat with no information whatsoever. When the gate opened the trespass was nice, smooth and easy. The travel by train to Kuala Lumpur was a disappointment. Nothing to see, except oil palms, 1,000 km oil palms, 3. wörld villages and dump sites along the rails. The people lived Asian pleasantness but it seemed that every second was suffering of open tuberculosis, as predicted by the Görman foreign authorities on their homepage.

Conclusion: Okay and better than a crash landing, hopefully no tuberculosis infection.

After eleven hours under coughing people in a packed train we arrived in Kuala Lumpur and carried ourselves to the already booked hotel in 300-meter distance. Suspicious made me the Nepalese guards outside the hotel … This was necessary because the hotel was the 1. wörld on the other side of the road the 3. was waiting. Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia's capital; all cities are the same! Inside the hotel room there were warning pinned on the door: robbery, ambush and attacks even in the hotel. Look the door, put the chain on etc. don't leave the hotel at night … Well, great, then!

Anyway not really frightened we wanted to see the Twin Towers in KL and the shopping mall with the Formula 1 exhibition. Formula 1 race was next weekend! Cruising the mall we realized that NY's 5th Avenue is more shopping for the poor and Kerry of Sex and the City. We did philosophize about the 1. and 3. wörld just around the corner. You got to have much money, loads of it, and the Chinese frequenting the mall tailed by slaves who carried the kids and the bags of wasted money. Some slaves waved with fans fresh air in the faces of the hard shopping ladies. Just communists, nice wörld aint't!
The heat in KL was hard to bear: 45° C, 100 % humidity and a yellowish foggy sky with the odor of real fresh carbon monoxide, no sky, no sun – on Maui we called it Voc (volcanic sulphuric acid smog). No wonder, that everybody coughs and blows noses on the street – that was forbidden in Singapore. In the tram we realized that several people smeared mince paste under their noses because of the nice smell everywhere or others had small spray bottles to enhance the air quality in their aura.
Actually – our favourite wörd in Australia –, we intended to stay only three days in KL in order to proceed to our wörk and travel domicile Koh Samui, Thailand, which we had already booked, but immediately an Muslim Sunday popped up out of the blue so everything was packed. The next seat in the night train was open in a few days, so we had to stay in KL. Flying was possible but from the news everybody knew: don't fly by Malaysia Airline, so everybody took the train; no seats.
We survived our extended holiday in KL's 3. wörld with great street food, without being mugged or any other bad things happened. Just great here! Everything relaxed, inexpensive and fun. We enjoyed the must-sees and went shopping, which was only possible in A/C supported malls, outside the climate was nearly unbearable. Clearly disconcerting were the call of the Muezzin at all times but that was just a quirk of me …
Ah, to get a beer was not easy at all, too …


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