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A fridge filled with ‘Poke’, ‘Pipi Pupu’ und ‘Lau Lau’ and no ‘Humu-humu-nuku-nuku-a-pu-a-a’

After two years on the road in the Australian deserts and an 8,000 clicks trekking trip through the American continent we had granted ourselves six months Maui for R & R to find time to lick our numerous wounds.

We enjoyed our Condo by the sea with balcony from which we could enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the world every day - once you take the hurricanes out for Christmas. We worked on our new book ‘Save your Ass, no matter how!’ which was nicly developing.
However, Maui is not only white sand beaches, but at first a lot of Big Blue, 30° C warm water, whales, dolphins and sharks, many of them, bamboo forests, quite a lot of surfers, 3,000 m high mountains, jungles, volcanoes and of course Lanai'i just a stone's throw away. The sea around Lanaii is ‘The Beach’, where every morning 100 dolphins come into the bay, which you can also frolic with and in fact fish like in an aquarium.
We enjoyed being able to prepare excellent food in a real kitchen, a bed finally, Sapphire Blue Sundowners and having a real fridge filled with Poke, Lau lau and Pipi pupu, and no no ‘Humu-humu-nuku-nuku-a-pu-a-a’! We bought new MTBs so we don’t have to sit in a car again, endless snorkeling trips, and hiking with old and new buddies, such as the Commando-Walk, with a tunnel swim and a 70 ft jump as well as bamboo forests with secret guava and papaya groves, rounded our stay.
Quintessence of this 2 ½ years on the road:
We know to distinguish between dream and reality now - and nightmares, too! And it has never been worse to be packing home Görmany.
Wörk is done!


German e-Book:

Outdoor und Survival Rette Deinen Arsch! Egal Wie!

Outdoor & Survival (Nonfiction)
Rette deinen Arsch! Egal wie! (SAVE YOUR ASS! No matter how!)
Das Glück ist mit dem Vorbereiteten

This e-Book keeps you alive under any circumstances (in Görman only, so far).