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Först the fun than the wörk

After all that adventures, expeditions and travels we needed some kind of home, where we could digest the experienced and bring it into books and wörk on the movies. What is better than the culinary side of Spanish cuisine and the warming sun of the Canary Islands and Fuerteventura's beaches despite of living in the sunniest country in der wörld Görmany (March 2016 28 days grey sky – two days sun!).

Our credo: Först the fun, than the wörk. Most of the time we were hiking up and down the mountains like Mt. Zarza and on the beaches along to ‘Egli’ to keep us fit, snorkeling with big fish and Angel Sharks or body boarding in the in the swell. FUE has a big advantage to the other Canary Island: the weather is very stable in winter around 23° C and the waters are beyond 18° C all time together with a steady wind. We met friends like No fear Ashok is here, who could skip us a nice flat where could wörk on paying our bills. Yes, we also have to earn money.

Im Herzen Australiens Abenteuer OutbackAfter six months preparation for our final Australian project: Into the void (Im Herzen Australiens. Abenteuer Outback: im Offroader, im Kajak und zu Fuß; on Amazon in Görman only, so far) we had to say good-bye to FUE. It was hard, because it was unusual nice there! We could imagine living on the island later on. But … we can do that when we're old and using a walking frame or so. I (Katrin) am frankly: half a year and I was close to staggers. You know it is a small island, only!

Conclusion: For a while the island is quiet nice, when your brain is build quite simple, no needs I mean, except you like water sports or hiking on Mars only (there is no vegetation on that volcanic island). Were you live is important, too. Spaniards live different; when you go to bed they go for dinner and party all night. Refuse collection is at 4:00 a.m. every morning as well as the road cleaners. Spain is loud, Spaniards are loud, the women scream from one side of the village to the other side for a normal conversation at 120 decibel. A flat near the beach ain't bad, grab your body board and go! The problem are the hordes of Görman pensioners, who were the reincarnation of suffering due to their mad mugs all day, the Spaniards call them: quadrados, dick heads. They swear at you when you walk on the wrong side, they put their towels on the beach to reserve their spot on the beach (no shit) or don't get up in the evening, because they died on the beach (one each week). In summer months the Spaniards from the main land invade the islands and are most hated by the majoreros (locals). They party all night until 6:00 a.m. leave their trash on the beach or throw it into the sea etc. or fry eggs directly on the vitroceramic because the pan is dirty already.
Well, CU in Australia!


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