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An Island of Trash and the friendliest People of the Wörld

During our one-year stay in Australia we always heard from the countless backpackers and Aussies how beautiful Bali is, and we have to go there. Friendly people, inexpensive, great weather, dream beaches like in the South Sea. So we didn't flew back to Görmany instead we checked in for Bali – it was winter anyway in Görmany. It was wise to book the hotel in Legian only for one week first. You never know! We landed safe at night in the normal good night thunderstorm in the tropics. So that was nothing for me at all. 38° C 100 % humidity welcomed us and the usual fight for a taxi with rip-offs began. The hotel was the kind of used by the backpackers and Aussies partying 24/7 until unconsciousness. After one year in the Australian Outback it was very strange to us.

We realized immediately, why the Aussies love Bali. They got drunk at 9:00 for breakfast and kept on … That was nothing for us, too. The Görmans love beer, but here beer was mixed out of dry dough like stuff and that can't be good and cocktails at 38° C. I dunno! The food was great, super cheap (1 $) super hot (burns twice) - and then die exotic fruits – unbelievable: snake fruit, dragon fruit, pineapple, bananas, litchis, star fruit, coconuts, papaya usw. Okay that was something after a year of mostly meat in the Outback.
Workouts were only possible until 7:00 in the morning, because the temperatures were bearable – 35° C, 100 % humidity.
We changed the hotel to Seminjak close to the beach as 24/7 partying, eardrum splitting noise and drunks were really too much, but we'll wörk on that. In Seminjak was the good thing, that you were only bugged 18 times a minute to buy something you don't need and want. Good was too, that nobody threw stones at you when you don't buy anything like in Arab countries. The Aussies were drunk all time here, too and the food was even better. That was okay. For each Balinese existed at least three dogs that shit all over the places but they were friendly like the people. Not okay was that the beaches were covered with trash what we haven't seen like this before in our entire life. Outstanding. There was not a spot without trash, not once in two months.
Me as a marine biologist it was clear that the sea was a sewage dump, oh moment at was supposed to be the crystal clear sea from the adds. There was no way even to dip a foot into that slurry liquid.

We hired a car with a chauffeur and scanned the island to find out if there is the announced beauty. Well, for 12 hours houses paralleled the road and trash. You really are on a huge dumpsite all time that's Bali.

We ate in the jungle in a Balinese ‘drive through’: open fire pit where great menus were cooked: fish heads, fish, rice, meat, rind. You sat on a podium of wood, no chairs, no table. That was cozy in the jungle, more hot, more cheap, more friendly. The toilet was behind the shack in the woods, nothing for Katrin. What was that thing in the middle: ah king cobra!

After two months we asked ourselves why people like it here so much? Only the friendly people could be the reason or the wish to live in a sauna on a dumpsite. Never before we found friendly people like this living in a harmony in pleasantness, okay may be in Japan, too.
Why we stayed two months? Well, it was still winter in Europe, and a 4 star hotel inclusive breakfast for two people was less than a flat in Görmany. On top of that the Singhalese Air Force trained with their F 15 in supine position in 30 meters height only over the city.
Beyond of that we had to wörk on two books in an A/C room, all other things were not bearable outside. Too hot.


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