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The new book ‘Eat or Die!’ (Edible Wild Plants – Mother Nature’s Delicacies) gets in shape

Edible Wild Plants We wanted to do something for the environment und turned the heating down to 10° C for the winter. Living climate change, sure! Yes, we can and DO!

It was no question for us outdoorers to do something for the wörld climate, as ordered by Muddi Merkel (against our constitutional rights!) to save the wörld climate (money squeeze out via heating and El costs). But to be frankly 10° C were to cold for us, so we fled to Zahara de los Atunes. Spain with moderate temperatures to survive the dark time of the year without depressions seemed much better. A bungalow on the beach with terrace for 500 $ on the beach would do.
Actually it was a nice alternative to Muddi Merkels alternativless politics and after half a year in the sun we had a nice plus on our bank account resulting from the lower food prices and no overpriced electricity and heating costs and instead of eating kilometers in a car, we went swimming and hiking …
Sadly it was not only vacation. We finished the new book about edible plants which is already published as well as the wörk on our outdoor and survival book (see below).
Sure is: WE decide where we wörk. Why pay the rip-off from autistic politicians when you still have the chance to chose? We wonder how long that would last …


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