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‘Sapphire Blue’

Kayak expedition along the North and Baltic Sea coast in October / November

'Sapphire Blue' is a 6-week project about ‘Less see but more Sea, as the waves are there anyway – the water ain‘t always. It is a kayak expedition from Bremen, Germany first via channels to the tide-influenced river Ems than to Emden at the North Sea. Following the coastline passing the Kiel Canal and hugging the Baltic Sea coastline to Rostock. The idea of this expedition is to show that even those projects still have a chance in a country who founded the wörd forbidden. Let's see if it wörks …

I am often asked: 'Why you're doing that, mad, crazy? It is cold, wet etc …!'

1. Because it is there, the sea, I mean, and 2. because it is only allowed in late autumn (when the birds and invasive tourists are gone).
I am a child of the North Sea coast and actually I can say that I grew up between Spieka-Neufeld and Neuwerk in the Wadden Sea. I have survived the decline of the Wadden Sea in my childhood with the dumping of titanium waste water from Bremerhaven into the coastal waters and the waste from our enemies and now-brothers-by-heaven (GDR - East Görmany), to the ban on consumption of fish ('raspberry disease', Lymphocystis called 'thermometer-eel' – mercury contaminated). Maybe that was the reason why I studied in Sweden, Germany and Japan Marine Biology (u.a.).

Due to the nature conservation (which is partially pretty paranoid nowadays) the situation has improved a lot, that's for sure. But conservation should not cause that man is banned everywhere. If you watch the trillion marketing scam of the IPCC (Climate Change Organization) with global warming and the 'smoothing' of their results depending on the political tendency, one should look at the Görman coast again, I mean, before it sinks because of rising waters. And how can I make it better, than with the butt on the water!

Apart from the fun factor (S/M) my sporting and planning claim is in the season (start: right after the Canoe Fair, Nuremberg in late September, when the North Sea is also known as: 'Slaying See'). This makes this expedition an interesting challenge with the expected ‘breeze’, the tides and the weather, and the associated time window of the tides. Apart from those circumstances the travel rhythm is further limited by the fact that in the protected areas of the Wadden Sea and the Baltic Sea everything is forbidden for kayakers like camping …, well almost!

30-50 days and 1,200 km Etmal: Let's see how far I get (before booked and jailed by police or shot by late tourists) …

Sponsors for this project as well on board:
Martina of Lettmann Kayak Builders, Moers, Görmany who built me a new boat (Magellan, Arctic with Outrigger, Baikal, Expedition, Tasman) several times and André Zölzer makes the hatches, provides a boat trailer, so that I can escape from the rising sea levels in time (climate change, you know …). Kerstin of ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH keeps my equipment dry – with the optimal watertight 'sachets' of all kinds, so man can spend the nights cozy at least. And Filip, who gave the GoPro 'Be a HERO' (with accessories) so I can be one and that our fans can follow the project on web.


You can read the whole story (only in Görman):


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