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4,000 mi (68 days) from ‘beyond the behind’ to the last bratwurst before America or How your butt dies a 1,000 deaths.

The idea was born when I watched the daily report of the Tour d’France on TV and saw the bikers suffering. I was pinned to the bed masticating my 2nd pillow because of the pain in my spine. On my kayak expedition to the Arctic Circle I had an accident (run over by a motorboat) and broke my neck so I was quite off the green and in convalescence. A specialist of nerves surgery confessed that I will never again ride my MTB again, go hiking with a backpaor paddling a kayak because of the stress to my neck – paresis is very possible – down from the neck, then.

After a 2nd doc’s confirmation and my health insurance to this anamnesis I decided to make a ‘pre’ obituary to me and the fading Deutsche Mark on a S/M Trip á la Tour d'France for me a ‘Torture d’Europe’ (North Cape, Norway-Cap Vincente, Partugal) north-south across Europe to see the different currencies fading before this thing – Euro – starts and to make a laude to the last real heroes of the Tour d’France attendees – nobody suffers more even though they are doped until brim. Okay almost …

Conclusion: With 40,000 dead because of infection in hospitals in Germany and 80,000 dead because of wrong diagnosis in the US you better ask your grandma or the pope but not your doc or pharmacist. I survived the 68 days on the bike across Europe, 3,000 km trekking across Japan with tent and backpack, 8,000 km trekking across the US and Canada and 2000 I finished the trip to the Arctic Circle! No paresis, …yet – 16 years later I am still fine.

The Bike Rider:
 Who races so early over hills and stones,

 it is the Bike Rider and he is all alone …

 He reaches to Cap Vincente with great difficulty,

 the bike ‘s alive his butt is dead …