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The mystic ‘van Zyl's Pass’ in the Herero- und Ovahimba Land – the Kaokoveld, Namibia

During the last 15 years I travelled to Namibia. This is the först time I have time myself, to drive the horror of the last true, real and only remaining Görmans (born in the Görman colony German-Southwest Africa): the ‘van Zyl's Pass’, which is car wrecking and deserted near the Angolan Border. Starting from out winter retreat Blouwbergstrand (Cape Town, South Africa) we (Katrin, Liffilie and I) were heading up north cruised the Richtersfeld, hiked Fish River, Namib Desert, Brandberg, Damaraland, Huab River, Huarusib River through the Mopane forests of the Ovahimba in the Kaokoveld to the horrifying ‘van Zyl’s Pass’.

After successfully wheeling through that all I can say, nice and easy trip. No real artistic or special skills needed, as long as you tested yourself in a Görman sand pit. Shown by hundreds of tourists driving this simple leg, no idea what happened to the real heroes down here, may be they are still backwards thinking about mules or oxcart. To be frankly: it would have been harder, then. Just imagine all the farting of the beasts …

The real crux was only 15 clicks long, where the highland meets the fairytale-plains near ‘Red Drum’. The extreme and seldom honey badgers near Marien River marauded in our camp and curious elephants nosed our tents at night in the dry Huarusib River, which was a nice attraction. Okay we were smelling quiet yummy! There is nothing better than AFRICA! Believe me!


English e-Book:

Dinner with Lions

Dinner with Lions
Coarse stories from Namibia where adventures are born
(English translation by Philip Brown)


German e-Book:

Dinner mit Löwen

Dinner mit Löwen
Raubeinige Geschichten aus Namibia, wo Abenteuer geboren werden


Sounds of the desert:


» Butterbreadpaper-Tree

» Skeleton-Coast

» Barking-Gecko