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Collecting diamonds in the 'restricted area' of Sperrgebiet.

This trip into the restricted diamond area on the Skeleton Coast, Namibia was specifically planned for Afrikaners and ‘afrikaanable’ people. In fact, ordinary people would not really like this kind of event, as it is a bit rough. Drinking liquor and eating a lot of meat, BBQed on open fire every day is nothing for the so called civilized veggie.
After 13 years as Namibian ‘afrikaanabled Djerry’ (Djerry = African born Görman name for Krauts, born in real Görmany) I received an invitation for this trip where friends from South African, Rhodesia, Mozambique and Namibia were the organizer of this trip.
Since a permit for the restricted area is not as easy awarded, I accepted the invitation from my friend from Belgian Congo. As a finishing touch, we went with a HUMVEE. The only car in the world, nobody needs.
After sand, heat, scorpions and 100 meters high dunes, which we have flown up and down with the red vehicle, we reached the former enclaves of the German colonial diamond mines. One hundred years ago slave-like conditions in inhuman conditions governed here. We were the first who were allowed to have a peep into it after the independence of Namibia: the endless graveyards of 'dead'. The remains of the shacks where they had lived to snatch the diamonds from the sand, had been left to the desert with their bones. There were a lot of pale bone jutting into the gray mist which had been exposed by the ever blowing misty wind.
Merciless sun, icy fog, horrendous living conditions, many deaths, blood diamonds: the diamonds of the Skeleton Coast for the fingers of beautiful American women (90 % goes there) …


English e-Book:

Dinner with Lions

Dinner with Lions
Coarse stories from Namibia where adventures are born
(English translation by Philip Brown)


German e-Book:

Dinner mit Löwen

Dinner mit Löwen
Raubeinige Geschichten aus Namibia, wo Abenteuer geboren werden