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‘!KTOTORROTORROSEN OUDERE IDA A’– Hej Mate, get me a bottle of beer, will ya' in bushmen language.

Discovering Namibia's lost world together with Dâureb Bushmen (my homies): the Brandberg Massif

Dinner with Lions

After more than ten years, African life I thought finally to spend more time myself on the Brandberg massif without a larger group, before the area will be closed as a World Heritage Area for the general public or worse ‘Americanized’ (drive through to the summit of Königstein mountain, the highest peak in Namibia …).

A friend and cameraman, who had never been camping, let alone in Africa, has been able to convince me to do this trekking expedition to one of the most remote mountains in the world in the middle of the Namib Desert.

We planned to spend more time in the Brandberg Massif. We want to film and photograph which haven’t been possible in the past, as I had to care for the tourists – and keep them alive etc. That is the reason we have to carry 240 lbs of equipment and therefore we seek help from the locals, the Damara Bushmen, or Dâureb Bushmen as they call their mountain (means: ‘A mountain which always burns’ because of the only cloud in the desert via the Königstein's summit), which I also have been known for almost ten years. Maybe we learn something more about the ‘black side’ of Africa and its customs, who knows.
On former expeditions on that mountain some unknown creatures attracted my attention; well we might track them down or they just run before the camera.


English e-Book:

Dinner with Lions

Dinner with Lions
Coarse stories from Namibia where adventures are born
(English translation by Philip Brown)


German e-Book:

Dinner mit Löwen

Dinner mit Löwen
Raubeinige Geschichten aus Namibia, wo Abenteuer geboren werden


Sounds of the desert:


» Butterbreadpaper-Tree

» Skeleton-Coast

» Barking-Gecko