Australia / West Australia / Gibson Desert / 4WD


A search for lost sources in the Australian Gibson Desert

1977 the last, wild, nomadic Aboriginals Warri and Yatunga were rescued from dying of thirst west of the Calvert Range in the Gibson Desert. This was the end of a 60,000-year-long history of Australia. The Aborigines kept during their migrations the vital water holes open and torched the huge Spinifex surfaces. Even the Australian fauna had become accustomed to this culture.

Meanwhile, water comes out of the tap and necessary food was catered by delivery service. My friend Black-Russian-Alex and I wanted to look how the landscape had changed since then (1977).
This time we have to use two offroad vehicles due to obligatory permits, as this piece of earth is actually quite far away. We start in Adelaide, South Australia and nozzles 3,000 km to Newman, the Rudall River National Park, Kunawaritji Aboriginal Community, West Australia and than proceed into the Gibson Desert.

During the expedition we will make photo and film documents of flora and fauna and calibrate old survey lines and forgotten mine tracks for HEMA Maps. We have studied a number of diaries on old expeditions and want to try to recover the 'lost' camps, outcrops and sources.
Lake Christopher is our vague planned route, for example, a landmark in the 'Lasseter Legend', which took off in 1930 and found a legendary 'Gold Reef' with 'gold nuggets as big as pigeon eggs' … The reef was never rediscovered when it had ever existed.
Our expedition will end at Kata Tjuta ( 'The Olgas' at Uluru) a known landmark for the old Explorer and prospectors.

Depending on weather, terrain, permits, finds and resource exact planning of the complete route is neither possible nor appropriate. This expedition is dynamic and flexibility is existential for quick decisions.

German e-Book:

Im Herzen Australiens Abenteuer Outback von Detlev Henschel

This project (e-Book) is part of our Hinterland Trilogy. Australia - North America – Japan. Already published the först part Australia. Part I. West Australia in January 2016 (Im Herzen Australiens. Abenteuer Outback: im Offroader, im Kajak und zu Fuß, in Görman only, so far.)

In the Heart of Australia.
Adventure Outback: offroad, in a kayak and by foot. Part II will cover the rest of this beautiful continent.

See Chapter: Lost in time: the last Aborigines described.