Australien / Kajak Expedition / Trekking / 4WD

‘Footprints that‘s all we leave behind’

On ancient tracks in the ‘New Wörld’- 45,000 km offroad on historic tracks or ‘Beyond the Behind’-

Im Herzen Australiens Abenteuer Outback von Detlev Henschel

This project (e-Book) is part of our Hinterland Trilogy. Australia - North America – Japan. Already published the först part Australia. Part I. West Australia in January 2016 (Im Herzen Australiens. Abenteuer Outback: im Offroader, im Kajak und zu Fuß, in Görman only, so far.)
In the Heart of Australia.
Adventure Outback: offroad, in a kayak and by foot. Part II will cover the rest of this beautiful continent.

Timetable: Our goal is to discover and document Australia's untouched nature by foot, in our kayaks and by 4WD. We also roam the most known National Parks because Australia is supposed to be most beautiful there … In offroad modus (4WD) we will discover following routes like: Gunbarrel Highway, Canning Stock Route, Balladonia Road, Savannah Highway, Mitchell Plateau, Old Telephone Line, Oodnadatta Highway, Birdsville Track.

2006-2008 we are going to explore historical tracks and untouched nature in the ‘New Wörld’ like Australia, North America and Canada in order to find ‘different views of the nature and men’.
‘Footprints that’s all we leave behind’ and sometimes not even that, when the wake vanishes behind our kayaks. Due to the immense photo/movie equipment we carry we do have to use a transport this time. After our 13 years of African experience on safaris we take an old Toyota Bushcamper without electronics as our base camp and home for the first year in Australia. From here we will discover our neighborhood by foot and kayak and document it on photo, film and words.

From other expeditions it is very well known to us that an adventure can make an ‘ambush’ everywhere and therefore we are curious what's coming up next. We take one day by the other and let the nature make the detailed plan where we are trying to fit in – time is not on sparse. 

Photographing and filming while discovering the unknown is our major within these first (two) years. No stress nor hectic of normal all-day life enables us to find ‘different points of view’ to document our surrounding environment.


Publications in Görman:


Kanu Sport Heft 2 Feb/2012
"Kayaking Beyond The Behind"