»If an idea is not absurd in the beginning, it is worthless.« (Albert Einstein)

In our oversaturated, frenzied, noisy, carefree life on 24/7 reception I need certain intervals to boot, to 'zero set' and restart my brain again. Or if you prefer: a reform of values and standards that are usually imposed on us as given by the ‘mob’ or government. The false promises and lulling achievements of our social-darwinist feel-gooder society in Cockaigne Görmany (Europe?, Wöorld?) are simply ‘too great’ to remain permanently alert and mentally active …. – therefore the return to nature, minimalism and ‘Neanderthal life’ wörks quite well for me.
It is important to understand that, adventure is perceived differently by each person as well as awareness arises from everybody's consciousness. One is afraid of horny rabbits in the city park the other needs a nice swim with a bloody steak in front of his swimming trunks in shark infested waters to protect one's privates.

But one thing is certain: The adventure is everywhere!

The listed travels, adventures, outdoor & survival trips below were such time-outs I (we) needed for ‘booting’. Some extended over weeks, some were of several months duration or even for years: whether on foot, by bicycle, in a kayak or in off-road vehicles (4WD) as basecamps. Africa, North America, Europe, Japan, Asia, Australia, Russia etc. we traveled under scientific, survival or outdoor aspects.
Each country has its own story what we put in words, pictures and movies.
Here are some tidbits or go to Amazon.* : Detlev Henschel

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Germany / North Sea / Baltic Sea / Kayak Expeditions

‘Sapphire Blue’

Kayak expedition along the North and Baltic Sea coast in October / November

'Sapphire Blue' is a 6-week project about ‘Less see but more Sea, as the waves are there anyway – the water ain't always. It is a kayak expedition from Bremen, Germany first via channels to the tide-influenced river Ems than to Emden at the North Sea. Following the coastline passing the Kiel Canal and hugging the Baltic Sea coastline to Rostock. The idea of this expedition ….


Russia / Siberia / Lake Baikal / Kayak Expedition


The first solo circumnavigation of Lake Baikal, the deepest lake of the wörld: 1 Mile!

In the spring the path leads me to the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal in Siberia. On a 2,000-km-long self-catering trip in a sea kayak I will be able to enjoy an exceptional, cold pure nature without support. The journey begins in Bremen, Görmany …

Germany / Denmark / Sweden / Baltic Sea / Kayak Expedition

ALONE ON THE BALTIC SEA – 'SHIN-KEN SHO-BU' (jap.: ‘A fight to the Finish’)

2,500 Kilometres to the Arctic Circle by Kayak

Going Solo on the Balti Sea Edible Wild Plants

In a kayak alone from Flensburg, Görmany to the Arctic Circle is the plan on a diet that is completely derived from Mother Nature, in order to gather data for a book that deals with edible wild plants. 'SHIN-KEN SHO-BU' literally a ‘Fight to the Finish’ or better …


Germany / North Sea / Neuwerk / Kayak Expedition

‘Once to see the island of Neuwerk in the blue blue sea’

Geese Weeks

May is always the spring's först promise on the North Sea and on top of that: the island of Neuwerk, 11 clicks out of the Görman coast. On that island I grew up – more or less.
For Katrin it is a hike at low tide through the Wadden Sea what she did with a close friend of mine! Or like me: in a kayak from the 15 clicks distance tiny shrimp fishermen's harbor of Spieka-Neufeld. Both encounters to …

Germany / Bremen / River Wümme, Germany / Kayak


To read in: Kanu Sport, Heft 10/2012, in Görman only.

A day-trip by kayak on the only tide dependent natural flow in the state of Bremen, Germany. …


Germany / River Elbe, Germany / River Rhine, Germany / Kayak

Once-in-a-millennium high tide 2002

To read in: Kanu Sport, Heft 9/2012, in Görman only.

Paddler helps Paddlers. Surprised by a once-in-a-millennium flood on the River Elbe. From Czech border on the same …

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Australia / Kayak Expedition / Trekking / Travel / 4WD


In the heart of Australia's Outback
Adventure: In an off-roader, in a kayak and on foot

Australia is not only a country with the happiest beer drinkers in the world, but also a huge, dry continent. In our last two Australian projects: Expedition 2006 and 2009, we could not find, search and visit everything of course, so this time we will colorize the white spots of our Australia map for the new book / film within the next year (2014/15).

Im Herzen Australiens Abenteuer Outback von Detlev Henschel

This project (e-Book) is part of our Hinterland Trilogy. Australia - North America – Japan. Already published the först part Australia. Part I. West Australia in January 2016 (Im Herzen Australiens. Abenteuer Outback: im Offroader, im Kajak und zu Fuß, in Görman only, so far.)
In the Heart of Australia. Adventure Outback: offroad, in a kayak and by foot. Part II will cover the rest of this beautiful continent.

Australia / West Australia / Gibson Desert / 4WD


A search for lost sources in the Australian Gibson Desert

The e-Book is only in German at the time.

Im Herzen Australiens Abenteuer Outback von Detlev Henschel

1977 the last, wild, nomadic Aboriginals Warri and Yatunga were rescued from dying of thirst west of the Calvert Range in the Gibson Desert. This was the end of a 60,000-year-long history of Australia. …


Afrika / Namibia / Skelettküste / Diamanten #Sperrgebiet / 4WD


Collecting diamonds in the 'restricted area' of Sperrgebiet.

This trip into the restricted diamond area on the Skeleton Coast, Namibia was specifically planned for Afrikaners and ‘afrikaanable’ people. In fact, ordinary people would not …

Africa / Namibia / Richtersfeld / Fish River / ‘van Zyl's Pass’ / Expedition / 4WD

‘Dinner with Elephants’

The mystic ‘van Zyl's Pass’ in the Herero- und Ovahimba Land – the Kaokoveld, Namibia

Dinner with Lions

During the last 15 years I travelled to Namibia. This is the först time I have time myself, to drive the horror of the last true, real and only remaining Görmans (born in the Görman colony German-Southwest Africa): the ‘van Zyl's Pass’, which is car wrecking and deserted near the Angolan Border. Starting from out winter retreat …


Australia / Kayak Expedition / Trekking / 4WD

‘Footprints that‘s all we leave behind’

On ancient tracks in the ‘New Wörld’ - 45,000 km offroad on historic tracks or ‘Beyond the Behind’-

This project is part of our Hinterland Trilogy. Australia. North – America – Japan. Already published the först part Australia. Part I. West Australia in January 2016 (Im Herzen Australiens. Abenteuer Outback: im Offroader, im Kajak und zu Fuß, …

Africa / Namibia / Namib / Damaraland / Huab River / Ugab River / Brandberg Massif / Trekking / 4WD

‘!KTOTORROTORROSEN OUDERE IDA A’– Hej Mate, get me a bottle of beer, will ya' in bushmen language.

Discovering Namibia's lost world together with Dâureb Bushmen (my homies): the Brandberg Massif

Dinner with Lions

After more than ten years, African life I thought finally to spend more time myself on the Brandberg massif without a larger group, before the area will be …


Africa / Namibia / Namib / Skeleton Coast, #Damaraland / Kaokoveld / Expedition / 4WD

‘ONGULUGUNDU or Cheers in OVAMBO-language’

Six months offroad Safaris in Namibia

Dinner with Lions

Namibia in detail and without ‘appendages’, like tourists, should be the credo of our half-year stay in Namibia. We will have enough time for friends and nature in areas where we should not be going with people of our threeX Safaris CC Company or even want to. Especially in the rainy season the Namib, Damaraland and Kaokoveld are unpredictable. …

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USA / Nevada / Las Vegas / Utah / Moab / Trekking


How to become a millionaire without losing my arm?

I originally wanted to conduct research on desert hikes for my planned outdoor children's book (see below). The information policy of the ingenious American National Parks and countless conversations with rangers animated me to perform a complete makeover of the book. …

Schweden / Norwegen / Polare Bergpflanzen / Trekking


‘Köttbullar’, ‘korv med mus’, ‘lättöl’ and Arctic plants

Edible Wild Plants

Lagom is a non-translatable Swedish word! The closest interpretation could be ‘a life on the zero line’ that’s how the Swedish see themselves. ‘Lost time’ to catch up, …


Germany / Austria / Italy / Trekking

‘›Blood, sweat and tears‹’

11 Kilos lost in 4 weeks. The 5th Crossing of the Alps

After half a year of desk wörk in dull heating air it was time for BEING again. I packed my backpack and visited and old paddle mate in Landshut, Bavaria. After a 3-days crash course in Bavarian beer drinking I hiked on: destination Bolzano, Italy. …

Switzerland / Aletsch Glacier / Matterhorn / Trekking


4th Crossing of the Alps with backpack and tent through Switzerland (Konstanz to the Matterhorn)

After our two years stay in Australia and North America in sparsely populated areas and being back in Görmany and terrorized in the overpopulated German Ruhr area by millions of people: crowds of Krauts. I had to find myself again and therefore more Alpenglow and no laser show was the goal.


Europe / Slowenia / Italy / South Tyrol / Switzerland / Ticino / France / The Maritime Alps / Expedition / Trekking

‘Late Roman decadence’

Via Alpina – Trieste-Nice – on the search for lost recipes

Our hike through the Alps of about 65,000 meters in altitude and nearly 2,000 km backpacking with a tent and many ticks from Trieste on the Slovenian boarder to Nice, France at the Mediterranean was actually …

USA / North America / Canada / Newfoundland / Expedition / Trekking

‘Footprints that's all we leave behind’

5,000 mi across the American continent on foot

(California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Omaha, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Ohio, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont Maine, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland)

After one year in the Australian Outback in our beloved bush camper we decided to walk much more when we travel the US. Unfortunately it turned out, that …


Japan / Kyushu / Shikoku / Honshu / Hokkaido / Trekking

‘Walkabout Japan’ – Third World Country and High-tech Nation

2,000 mi on foot, tent and backpack across the mystic Japan

Most people asked about Japan have the following keywords in mind:
Sony, Toyota, Samurai, swords, Sushi, chopsticks.
It's quite clear that this is a nation impossible to understand and a country too far away. …

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Europe / Norway / Finland / Sweden / Germany / France / Spain / Portugal / Bikeing


4,000 mi (68 days) from ‘beyond the behind’ to the last bratwurst before America or How your butt dies a 1,000 deaths.

The idea was born when I watched the daily report of the Tour d’France on TV and saw the bikers suffering. I was pinned to the bed masticating my 2nd pillow because of the pain in my spine. On my kayak expedition to the Arctic Circle I had an accident (run over by a motorboat) and broke my neck so I was quite off the green and in convalescence. …

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Thailand / Island Koh Samui / Travel


The daily fight against rip-off

At last we visit the highly praised land of Asia and were ready for a new adventure by train via Singapore, Malaysia to Koh Samui, Thailand. …


Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / Singapore / Travel


Sopping in NY? Forget it!

Three days Singapore is wörth a journey, but that is enough. Or better your money is gone. We did not want to stay longer, and not in Malaysia as well but other travellers told us …

Singapore / Travel


5 canings and 2 years jail

Still in Australia we heard the protests and whining from Görmany, that two Görmans earned 5 caning and two years in jail because of spraying graffiti in Singapore. 50 would be okay for me, because, …


Indonesia / Bali / Legian / Seminjak / Travel


An Island of Trash and the friendliest People of the Wörld

During our one-year stay in Australia we always heard from the countless backpackers and Aussies how beautiful Bali is, and we have to go there. Friendly people, inexpensive, great weather …

Spain / Canary Islands / Fuerteventura / Travel


Först the fun than the wörk

After all that adventures, expeditions and travels we needed some kind of home, where we could digest the experienced and bring it into books and wörk on the movies. What is better than …


Spain / Andalusia / Zahara de los Atunes / Travel


The new book ‘Eat or Die!’ (Frisss oder Schtirb!) gets in shape

Edible Wild Plants

We wanted to do something for the environment und turned the heating down to 10° C for the winter. Living climate change, sure! Yes, we can and DO! …

USA / Hawaii / Lanai / Maui / Travel


A fridge filled with ‘Poke’, ‘Pipi Pupu’ und ‘Lau Lau’ and no ‘Humu-humu-nuku-nuku-a-pu-a-a’

After two years on the road in the Australian deserts and an 8,000 clicks trekking trip through the American continent we had granted ourselves six months Maui for R & R to find time to lick our numerous wounds.


South Africa / Cape Town / Blouwbergstrand / Trekking / Travel


Recreation, strict vegetarian diet und family connection

After a year in the Australian deserts, we had a little more need for a humid break with a strictly vegetarian diet to be properly prepared for the planned 8,000-clicks-march across the U.S. of A and Canada. So we made …