»We read to know we're not alone.« (W. Nicholsen)

The scientist Dr. Henschel grew up in a tiny village on the north coast of Germany, where the streets still consisted of sand, then; - with plenty of farms in the neighbourhood, meadows with orchids, many cows, forests with abundant wildlife and a lot of fish in rivers and the sea - and the customary law of the jungle for survival in the surrounding nature. His normal life could therefore safely be compared to the New Wave of today's outdoor and survival existence, since there was no Internet, Facebook, iPhone, WhatsApp or Netflix etc.
When Dr. Henschel visited the secondary school in the nearest town, the discovery of Asian martial arts in the early seventies of the last century changed his life dramatically. Even more he wasn't interested in shows like Sesame Street or Dallas this fact alone denounced him as a nerd.
Back then you had to join the Army and make an apprenticeship as a good German before you check in at the University. But after this unedifying experience, especially that of the banking industry, Dr. Henschel preferred to the way of science in different faculties and various countries in order to answer his own questions about nature, society and the martial arts that represented his now very life.
After a few years of work experience in a managerial position (environment sector), he lost interest in it, e.g. to spend most of the day with people who held positions, because they wanted to have it and not because they possessed the qualifications for it. This perception did not change during a guest professorship and so he did not respond to other offers even from abroad.
His path was another, as he claimed. It was not the theory, but the practice - the acid test - that appealed to him. Nothing is more fascinating than to experience nature in nature: 'Applied Philosophy' he called it. He went on a kayaking expedition from Flensburg to the Arctic Circle (2,500 clicks - Going solo on the Baltic Sea; 'Marathon Man', KANU magazine) in order exclusively to live by nature. There he wrote his first book about edible wild plants, which became a bestseller immediately (Eat or Die! Edible Wild Plants – Mother Nature’s Delicacies).
Expeditions of thousands of kilometres in a kayak around Lake Baikal in Siberia followed (Kayak-Adventure in Siberia) or by bike through Europe (7,000 clicks - North Cape - Cape Vincente), tens of thousands of kilometres on hikes across North America (8,000 clicks - Los Angeles – Newfoundland, book in prep.), the polar Scandinavia, the Via Alpina (2,000 clicks and 65,000 meter in altitude - Slovenia - Nice) and in Japan (3,000 clicks - Kyushu – Hokkaido; 日本の田舎-南, Japan's Hinterland; Japanese - German) and hundreds of thousands of kilometres in an off-roader through Africa and Australia (Africa off the Road; Im Herzen Australiens. Abenteuer Outback: im Offroader, im Kajak und zu Fuß. Hinterland Trilogie. Band I. Westaustralien [Australia's Hearth, Adventure Outback: off-road, in a kayak or by foot. Hinterland Trilogie. Part I, in German so far]).
An invitation to prove his knowledge as a coach (process enhancement - Kaizen), he took eleven years at because the smart money corrupted him, as he stated, before he completely dropped out and focused on outdoor life.

He wrote his first article in 1982 after a 10,000-kilometer trip hitchhiked through the USA in his quest for Jack Kerouac's America about the Grand Canyon he hiked: Wanderlust ‘The crack’. Anyone who knows Jack Kerouac, knows why Dr. Henschel then had to go so its way. Dr. Henschel lives with his long-time life partner alternately in different countries - but always on the sea.
‘DINK’, he says, ‘Double Income No Kids’ and we shot the dog and ate it (grinning!). Fernweh "Der Riss".


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Kanu Sport Heft 03

März 2013

„Sapphire Blue“ Teil 4
MVP: Auf der Ostsee von Timmendorfer Strand bis Rerik

Kanu Sport Heft 02

Februar 2013

„Sapphire Blue“ Teil 3
Schleswig-Holstein: Ostsee

Kanu Sport Heft 01

Januar 2013

„Sapphire Blue“ Teil 2

Kanu Sport Heft 12

Dezember 2012

„Sapphire Blue“ oder vom „Winde verlegt“ Teil 1
Niedersachen: „Sapphire Blue“ oder vom „Winde verlegt“

Kanu Sport Heft 10

Oktober 2012

Die Grosse Wümme-Runde

Kanu Sport Heft 9

September 2012

Die Jahrtausenflut 2002

Kanu Sport Heft 7

Juli 2012

Einmal Neuwerk seh'n im blauen Meer ...

Kanu Sport Heft 2

Februar 2012

"Kayaking Beyond The Behind"

Das Portal für Globetrotter


Via Alpia: Auf der Such nach vergessenen Delikatessen

The Republican Journal

September 19, 2007

Newspaper Belfast, ME
German adventurer crosses U.S. to Belfast

The Village Soup

September 20, 2007

Newspaper Belfast, ME
German couple walks in Americans' footsteps

The Peotone Vendette

August 02, 2007

Newspaper Peotone, IL
Man walks from sea to sea

The Daily Journal

July 30, 2007

Newspaper Peotone, IL
Couple makes cultural cross country trek

The Register-Mail

July 19, 2007

Newspaper Galesburg, IL
German couple touring back roads

Memphis Democrat

July 19, 2007

Newspaper Memphis , MO
German Travelers Stop in Scotland County on
Walk Across America

McPherson Sentinel

July 6, 2007

Newspaper McPherson, KS
Germans enjoy Kansas journey

Boise City News

13. June 2007

Newspaper Boise City News
German couple crosses North America

May 17, 2007

Online News
Grants to Albuquerque: A Nice Day Despite the Weather Forecast

Route 66 News

21. April 2007

Online News, AZ
Trailer walker makes it to Kingman

Kingman Daily Miner

19. April 2007

Newspaper Kingman, AZ
Couple leaves the corporate world behindon venture
into 'simple' life

Mohave Valley Daily News

15. April 2007

Newspaper Bullhead City, AZ
German pair set out to discover the real
America via Route 66

Desert Dispatch

02. April 2007

Newspaper Barstow, CA
Henschel makes cross-country journey on foot

Footwear News

Vol63 No12 2007

Breaking News - Insider (Page2)
Travelin' Man

OFF Road

11 / 06

Buch Tipp
Namibias vergessene Welt Der Brandberg

OFF Road

Jeetze-Kurier Salzwedel


"Japan ist ein Entwicklungsland"
Detlev Henschel berichtet von einem 3.000 Kilometer weitem Fußmarsch

Jeetze-Kurier Salzwedel


Zu Fuß durch Japan - Detlev Henschel erzählt

Weser Kurier (Bremen)

14. August 2005

Zu Fuß durch das "lauteste Land der Welt"
Der Bremer Biologe und Autor Detlev Henschel
ist 3000 Kilometer durch Japan gewandert

Weser Kurier (Bremen)


Heiße Quellen, Grizzlys und viel Freundlichkeit
Nach 3200 Kilometern zu Fuß durch Japan wird Detlev Henschel Ende Juni nach Bremen zurückkehren

Weser Kurier (Bremen)

7. April 2005

In schnelllebiger Zeit ganz langsam reisen
Detlev Henschel wandert 3200 Kilometer zu Fuß durch Japan

Altmark Zeitung Salzwedel

02. November 2004

1.700km Einsamkeit

Altmark Zeitung Salzwedel

01. November 2004

Einsame Seereise ans Ende der Zivilisation

Weser Kurier (Bremen)

8. August 2003

Da kommt der Verrückte aus Deutschland
Detlev Henschel aus Bremen umrundet den Baikalsee

Weser Kurier (Bremen)

8. April 2003

"In 90 Tagen einmal um den Baikalsee"
Kajaker Detlev Henschel sucht den unmittelbaren
Kontakt zur Natur

Magazine Carnets d'Aventures, le Voyage Nature


Se nourrir dans la nature

LFI Leica Foto International


Detlev Henschel: Namibias Vergessene Welt

Kanu Sport


Paddelparadies an der Skelettküste



Stille, Staub und Sterne
Auf Schleichwegen durch die Namib

Kanu Magazin

Mai/Juni 2005

Der Marathon-Mann

Kanu Sport

Januar 2005

Abenteuer Baikal
Russland: Erstumrundung des Baikal-Sees

Brüel & Kjaer Magazin

Dez 2004

Weisst Du, Dass Die Bäume Reden?


Dez 2004

Der See der Geheimnisse

tv14 Dez 2004 Der See der Geheimnisse

Kanu Magazin

Juli/August 2004

Solo um den Baikalsee
Zitat: »Es gibt viele Reportagen dieser Art, aber diese Geschichte ist außergewöhnlich.«

Sea Kayaker Magazine

April 2004

Solo On The Baltic Sea

Kanu Magazin

April/Mai 2004

Solo um den Baikalsee

Natur Erleben

Frühling 2004

Kulinarisches aus Wildkräutern

Natur Erleben

Sommer 2004

Wildbeeren - Leckerbissen der Natur
Essbare Wildbeeren und Wildpflanzen

Kanu Magazin

Dezember/Januar 2003

Paddler helfen Paddlern
Im Urlaub vom Elbe-Hochwasser überrascht

Kanu Magazin

April/Mai 2001

Der Löwenzahn-Feldzug Teil 4
2800 Seemeilen-Reise rund um die Ostsee

Kanu Magazin

Februar/März 2001

Der Löwenzahn-Feldzug Teil 3
2800 Seemeilen-Reise rund um die Ostsee

Kanu Magazin

Januar 2001

Der Löwenzahn-Feldzug Teil 2
2800 Seemeilen-Reise rund um die Ostsee

Kanu Magazin

Oktober/November 2000

Der Löwenzahn-Feldzug Teil 1
2800 Seemeilen-Reise rund um die Ostsee

Trafik & Motor


En färd på vattnet genom fäxtriket
2.500 sjömil i kajak

Sea Kayaker

February 2000

A Fight to the Finish
Crossing Danish Straits. A Diary of an Adventurer

sjö rapporten

August 2000

Östersjön runt i en kajak

Die Orchidee


Die Orchideen am Uthleder Berg
Detlev Henschel und Gerd Gebauer



Der Fluch des Zeus



Der Riss
Grand Canyon