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Zu Fuß durch Nordamerika - E-Book Detlev Henschel

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16 pairs of shoes, 18 states and a bun for free
A hike across North America

Volume III of the Hinterland Trilogy takes you to the flyover country of North America. There in the vastness of the North American hinterland, the rural population lives differently than the inhabitants of those cities, which immediately come up as trendy Lonely Planet goals. Time and norms have a completely different meaning and value in the hinterland than the so-called city slickers à la Sex and the City or Paris H. without panties.

Katrin and I set off on the 219-day 8,000-kilometer hike from Los Angeles, California, USA, to St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, to find just those differences that have absolutely nothing to do with America's dumbasses in Washington DC, ›who can't find their butts with both hands at full daylight‹.

Even Goethe one said: ›Only where you have been on foot have you really been‹.

We wanted experience North America on foot - slowly -. In a car with closed windows, A / C filtered air and loud music, the world outside is not perceived by our senses. Apart from that, intensive contact with nature and people would not be possible. The word hinterland in our trilogy: Australia - Japan - America in four volumes should be the synonym for the heartland of the country - HIS HEART -.

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