»The entire body is activated by pulling on one hair! «

... seek, and ye shall find ... (Matthew 7: 7) or

Lost in Time: ticktack ticktack.

The first time since 1977 I have been a complete year without interruption in Doitschland. Incredible! That was almost suicidal! My deepest respect and appreciation to all who are able to endure this unspeakable state-sanctified harassment, piss-take, stalking and cruelty without major damage in this country.
Due to the miserable, 9-month search for an apartment and moving in, the part II of the Hinterland trilogy - In the Heart of Australia - (NSW, QLD, NT, SA, VIC, TAS) was delayed and is ready know – and we live again near 24/7-salt-water (Balitic Sea, no tides like at the North Sea).
Thank God!

Now it's about regaining the lost life energy! At a time in Doitschland, where even the "journey to work is like the stress of a pilot in a combat match" (Der Spiegel), I will try to make senseless wasted 'time' good again! This has nothing to do with the time, whose pointer begins a beginning and an end; not even with the event time which, in turn, begins and ends when the right time is felt and certainly not with a wormhole. The situation resembles the Indian, who was invited by train to Washington and waited at the train station until his soul arrived, too...
The starting point of my brooding for a lukewarm, 'time-taking' project was a friend who drove with a non-electrified bike 700 clicks in two days .... ; so 1000 volts in the legs, but zero ‘juice’ in the head. This sounded really good, Buddhist emptiness or so, but unfortunately this is no use to recharge my lost 'life energy'.
I have to go to Lake Constance and still have no car, but a push bike – ya know, that thing where man has to sweat, not electrified – so very uncool ...
Because of my brilliant thoughts - why 700 clicks in 2 days - I have entered the mysterious state of the great awakening and thus approached the moment of enlightenment, to use very, very sparingly my life energy and not to waste it, because ›Life is short one day it's gone!‹ (T. Cruise).
For this reason, I will be cycling southwards on meadow-, field-, and forest roads, scouting around what’s still left in this country, and give me 30 days time.
Why? Because I have it: the time!
On the way I will certainly think about wrecked life energy and how to recover lost one, such as time, etc.

New e-Book release!
"For foodies and outdoor fanatics"

We are happy about our new e-Book, now available on

Edible Wild Plants – Mother Nature’s Delicacies
Where, when and how to collect and use them
600 recipes for gastronomists (foodies) and connoisseurs (outdoor fanatics).
(English translation by Philip Brown)

A bestseller about edible wild plants translated by Philip Brown

Edible Wild Plants
Mother Nature’s Delicacies – Eat or Die!

The second book by scientist and adventurer Dr Detlev Henschel is about edible wild plants, which might just save your life if you get into trouble –hence the subtitle: Eat or Die!

Henschel's first bestseller was inspired by his 2,500-kilometre (1,500-mile) solo kayak expedition on the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle, where he had to make do with what he could find along the way.

In the wake of the decline in EU-quality veggies etc. self-picked wild plants have become popular for everyday salads or even as delicacies from nature among nature lovers, hikers, foodies and outdoor fanatics, not to mention ambitious amateur chefs in the comfort of their own kitchens, too.

In addition to the 136 most important edible European plants, over 300 species are listed in this book and depicted in more than 360 Leica-quality colour images. Moreover, the plants’ botanical characteristics are described to avoid any mix-ups with inedible (or poisonous) relatives.

Where, how and when to collect the plants is explained and presented in a table to make them easier to find in nature and this eBook. Extensive information on the ingredients and the nutritional and homeopathic effects of each plant complement over 600 stomach-filling recipes (emergency rations) for hungry outdoor enthusiasts, while ambitious amateur chefs will find more than one hundred sometimes age-old gourmet recipes to try out at home. And as the book also includes amusing anecdotes and stories about the myths and folklore behind every single plant, the 600-page eBook also makes for a fascinating read in its own right.

Our latest Australia Project 20014/15

Our last stay in Australia (2014/15) we had used to color the last white spots on our personal map of Australia. We finally gathered enough material to complete the long-planned books of the ‘Hinterland Trilogy’: Australia, North America, Japan.

What we did not know before our return to Germany was, that 'Mother Angela', aka ‘The Triangle of Horror‘ (because of her hand gesture) aka ‘Mother of all Believers‘ etc., apparently has written the song ‘My country’ for the hardcore band 'Rammstein'. So we had to escape to the Canary Islands after only one month surviving a Görmany we havened seen before, to find a free and friendly space for us - »yes, we can!«, too. On that sunny island we could finish and publish a quiet different kind of outdoor and survival book as well: RETTE DEINEN ARSCH! Egal wie! (SAVE YOUR ASS! No matter how!), which has been adapted nicely by customers; see reviews on Amazon et al., so we consider launching this some time in English, too.

We are just going to work up the more than two years in the Australian outback. With 20,000 Leica photos and more than 60 hours of television material which is quite an extensive project. So far, this unusual book about ‘stralia: Hinterland Trilogy. In the heart of Australia. Part I. West Australia, (s.a.) which we already published on Amazon et al. As Part I shows, during the examination of our the material we found out, that it was not intelligent to squeeze everything in just one book, as many protagonists did after a 2-week vacation (like Bill Bryson). Part II will cover the other half of Australia, which will follow soon.
Beyond all this wörk, we will enjoy Spanish life style with great wine, fish and lots of BBQ of Andalusian beef with no additives.

This project (e-Book) is part of our Hinterland Trilogy. Australia - North America – Japan. Already published the först part Australia. Part I. West Australia in January 2016 (Im Herzen Australiens. Abenteuer Outback: im Offroader, im Kajak und zu Fuß, in Görman only, so far.)
In the Heart of Australia. Adventure Outback: offroad, in a kayak and by foot. Part II will cover the rest of this beautiful continent.